First Listen: Nichelle Colvin asks β€œWhat We Gone Do?”
Gary, Indiana native Nichelle Colvin describes herself as a storyteller, and she brings that gift to her music – with emotions ranging from love to hurt to ecstasy to anger.

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Music Xray New Songs Week Ender August 8th
Got Your Back by Nichelle Colvin Melody is so good. The tune is perfect! Try this one out! Serenade the Sky by Ted & Allison This song is the perfect mix with its melody and beat! ...
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Language of love
UK release including the best cuts from Nichelle's two albums Relations and Millenaire. [Read More...]
Nichelle Colvin: Honorable Mention: 16th Annual Billboard Songwriting Contest
Gary Indiana native Nichelle Colvin seized an honorable mention award for the 16th annual billboard award songwriting contest. [Read More...]
I-tunes application for Nichelle Colvin went live!
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Interview 16 April 2002
Hi Nichelle, how are ya'

I'm Great! and yourself love?

Where you from, Indianapolis now right - has that always been the case?

No, I'm from Gary, Indiana, (Michael & Janet's home town) that's where I live. . . [Read More...]
NICHELLE Language of Love UK ONLY 1/02 [Read More...]