Working on new Projects

Nichelle Colvin is currently working on three projects!  One "Written Compositions" of which she just completed the single release "Who Said".   This album she has rejoined with producer James "The Chameleon" White III".  The Success of Millenaire, featuring the Birth of the Chameleon" has lead them to do another vicious project together, which is sure to explode on i-tunes!

Another Project this creative song-writer has embarked on is an Christmas Album called " Autumn Arrives" from which she has the Single "Hot Chocolate" which is available now on i-tunes!   

The third project is has continue to team up with Aaron B. for a second album with him "Evolving-RLM" ,  But with a Billboard award under their belt I'm sure this will bring on more Treats for 2014.


Stay Tuned! 



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