Nichelle Colvin gets song on IBM Sawubona CD

Sawubona Music Jam is an IBM Corporate Social Responsibility Project to support Township Projects in South Africa. Nichelle was contacted by Andreas Schwall to do a song for this great project and has recently been contacted by Dieter Huober who announced her as one of the winners.  

During December '09 Werner Acker, Ken Hensley and others evaluated the songs we got for the Sawubona MusicJam - about 120. They will select about 15 "Songs Of Good Hope" for the CD production which starts in the 3rd. week in January 2010. For concerts we will select some "Songs Of Good Hope" more. We will inform you about the final list in the middle of January. The great thing is that it is hard to find out the final songs to record because so many good contributions from many regions of the world.

The studio production is planed in Ludwigsburg, Germany as well as in Cape Town, South Africa. Both studios will work together via Internet and high speed connection - with the support of the South African telecom company "Altech". You will hear more about the studios and names in January. At the same time we set up plans for concerts in Germany for CeBIT Fair 2010, in the region of Stuttgart, Osnarbrueck, Berlin, Munich. The series of concerts will start beginning March at CeBIT Fair, Hanover.

Nichelle Submitted to songs for the project "Soweto" and "A Word" both produced by Aaron B., who also produced her recent album "Soulfully Yours, Nichelle".  They chose "Soweto" which can be heard on the Sawubona music jam Site.



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