Got your Back song chosen for Gotyourbacknetwork

The Got Your Back Network works to help and support the families of our military heroes. We in no way look to replace the parent and spouse who is now resting in honor. The Got Your Back Network works to bring some brightness, joy, comfort and encouragement to military families who feel adrift or are facing a difficult time in their lives. We offer military families dealing with the ultimate loss a way to see a brighter day through a variety of special events, activities, mentoring and guidance services.

The goal of The Got Your Back Network is a simple yet vital one. We want to make sure every military family who has suffered the ultimate loss knows that they're not alone. We invite you to learn more about us here. If you're a member of a military family trying to cope with your loss, please let us know how we can assist you. If you want to get involved with The Got Your Back Network, contact us. Your donation of time, services, products and money are what makes everything we do possible. Together we can help the families of America's true heroes once again find a more peaceful tomorrow.

Nichelle happen to write a song on her latest album "Got Your Back" about soliders at war that happen to go with the theme of this organization and Donated the song "Got Your Back" as theme music to the organization.  She was contacted back by Roy Baldwin that they will be using her song.  

For more information on this organization go to:

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