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What he does to me ft. Chubb Rock- (new)


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The following songs all come for my album "Evolving-RLM"  some are remixes. .
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First Listen: Nichelle Colvin is “Getting Closa” with new single

Gary, Indiana native Nichelle Colvin is a storyteller, and she brings that gift to her music – with emotions ranging from love to hurt to ecstasy to anger. Late last year we introduced SoulTrackers to Nichelle via her album Evolving- RLM (Real Life Music), and they responded in a big way. Evolving tells quite a story. A full 19 songs that explore life and relationships, all fronted by Nichelle’s expressive voice. 

Nichelle has a new single, and we are really digging it. “Getting Closa” is a song with an interesting story and a killer groove. Nichelle tells us about it: “This is the story of friends becoming lovers.  The Lyrics are ‘Funny, How you could love someone, then don't’ means you can love someone as a friend but NOT love them as a lover. And, where the song says, ‘How you can know someone, then don't,' this means I know you on that friend level, but NOT as a lover.  Getting Closa to you is the adventure of going to the other side of the relationship.”

We’re pleased to present “Getting Closa” as our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Check it out below and enjoy Nichelle Colvin again!

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Song of the Month: The Talented Nichelle Colvin finally "Dawned" on us

Gary, Indiana native Nichelle Colvin is a storyteller, and she brings that gift to her music – with emotions ranging from love to hurt to ecstasy to anger. A few weeks ago, we debuted her single “What We Gone Do?” in anticipation of her strong new album Evolving- RLM  (Real Life Music).

The album is finally here and it is tells quite a storyA full 19 songs that explore life and relationships, all fronted by Nichelle’s expressive voice.  And she shows that voice in all its glory on her new single, “Dawned On You,” a song about a man that waited just a little too long to realize that he was taking his love for granted, and lost her.

We’re pleased to present “Dawned On You” as our Song of the Month. Check it out below and get to know Nichelle Colvin!

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Touch Me Right - The Single
Nichelle Colvin 's Single - "Touch Me Right" from her upcoming album "Evolving-RLM" Label: SSGM Records LLC, is climbing the charts!

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Charted #165 National Top 200
Charted #20 Top 50 Independent
Charted#29 Top Hip Hop
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Working on new Projects

Nichelle Colvin is currently working on three projects!  One "Written Compositions" of which she just completed the single release "Who Said".   This album she has rejoined with producer James "The Chameleon" White III".  The Success of Millenaire, featuring the Birth of the Chameleon" has lead them to do another vicious project together, which is sure to explode on i-tunes!

Another Project this creative song-writer has embarked on is an Christmas Album called " Autumn Arrives" from which she has the Single "Hot Chocolate" which is available now on i-tunes!   

The third project is has continue to team up with Aaron B. for a second album with him "Evolving-RLM" ,  But with a Billboard award under their belt I'm sure this will bring on more Treats for 2014.


Stay Tuned! 



Show: Jan 19, 2013 @ Kick Off Sports Bar

Nichelle Colvin will be performing live along with Mike Carson on Jan. 19th 2013.
Come Join in this soulful musical event.

Press: Music Xray New Songs Week Ender August 8th
Got Your Back by Nichelle Colvin Melody is so good. The tune is perfect! Try this one out! Serenade the Sky by Ted & Allison This song is the perfect mix with its melody and beat! ... - Google
Nichelle Colvin gets song on IBM Sawubona CD

Sawubona Music Jam is an IBM Corporate Social Responsibility Project to support Township Projects in South Africa. Nichelle was contacted by Andreas Schwall to do a song for this great project and has recently been contacted by Dieter Huober who announced her as one of the winners.  

During December '09 Werner Acker, Ken Hensley and others evaluated the songs we got for the Sawubona MusicJam - about 120. They will select about 15 "Songs Of Good Hope" for the CD production which starts in the 3rd. week in January 2010. For concerts we will select some "Songs Of Good Hope" more. We will inform you about the final list in the middle of January. The great thing is that it is hard to find out the final songs to record because so many good contributions from many regions of the world.

The studio production is planed in Ludwigsburg, Germany as well as in Cape Town, South Africa. Both studios will work together via Internet and high speed connection - with the support of the South African telecom company "Altech". You will hear more about the studios and names in January. At the same time we set up plans for concerts in Germany for CeBIT Fair 2010, in the region of Stuttgart, Osnarbrueck, Berlin, Munich. The series of concerts will start beginning March at CeBIT Fair, Hanover.

Nichelle Submitted to songs for the project "Soweto" and "A Word" both produced by Aaron B., who also produced her recent album "Soulfully Yours, Nichelle".  They chose "Soweto" which can be heard on the Sawubona music jam Site.



Got your Back song chosen for Gotyourbacknetwork

The Got Your Back Network works to help and support the families of our military heroes. We in no way look to replace the parent and spouse who is now resting in honor. The Got Your Back Network works to bring some brightness, joy, comfort and encouragement to military families who feel adrift or are facing a difficult time in their lives. We offer military families dealing with the ultimate loss a way to see a brighter day through a variety of special events, activities, mentoring and guidance services.

The goal of The Got Your Back Network is a simple yet vital one. We want to make sure every military family who has suffered the ultimate loss knows that they're not alone. We invite you to learn more about us here. If you're a member of a military family trying to cope with your loss, please let us know how we can assist you. If you want to get involved with The Got Your Back Network, contact us. Your donation of time, services, products and money are what makes everything we do possible. Together we can help the families of America's true heroes once again find a more peaceful tomorrow.

Nichelle happen to write a song on her latest album "Got Your Back" about soliders at war that happen to go with the theme of this organization and Donated the song "Got Your Back" as theme music to the organization.  She was contacted back by Roy Baldwin that they will be using her song.  

For more information on this organization go to:

Nichelle Colvin: Honorable Mention: 16th Annual Billboard Songwriting Contest

Gary Indiana native Nichelle Colvin seized an honorable mention award for the 16th annual billboard award songwriting contest. The song "Next Payday", will be featured on her upcoming album "Soulfully Yours,Nichelle". This ASCAP singer-songwriter also received an award for the 2008 UK songwriting contest, for song "Justin Case". This song will also be featured on her upcoming album due to release the end of august. Nichelle is smoldering with talent and is sure to burst into flames of music success.

Soulfully Yours, Nichelle


A clever and soulful blend of r&b, hip-hop and pop sounds, saturated with memorable hooks, harmonious riffs, chest pounding rhythms and irrepressible vocal harmonies. This is the core of Gary, Indiana's emerging artist Nichelle Colvin and her 4th album “Soulfully Yours, Nichelle”.

A progressive, Soul-R&B Album capable of wooing pop, r&b, hip-hop, soul, gospel, and adult contemporary fans alike in multiple demographics, “Soulfully Yours, Nichelle” is as pure and emotional as it gets. With thick layers of gifted instrumentation complimented by intelligent keyboards all fronted by Nichelle Colvin's trademark style, and signature voice. The new Nichelle Colvin album is in the “Sounds Like” category of Jill Scott, Angie Stone,Phyllis Hyman and India Arie. Sonically superior in every way, this record is tightly arranged and produced by Aaron B. America's youngest Super producer and who's produced most of the songs on this album and two that have already received Awards ("Justin Case"- 2008 UK Songwriting Contest and "Next Payday" - 16th Annual Billboard Songwriting Contest). The track (Let's Ride) which contains elements of, "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" is a phenomenal track, originally produced by Grammy Award Winning Duo, K. Gamble/L.Huff, The Sound of Philadelphia, Warner Tamberlane Publishing Corp., is sure to be a hit. (I Cry and Doesn't Happen) produced and arranged by engineer/producer Lew Laing, (Wanna Make Love) produced and arranged by Ielo, (Bail Out) produced and arranged by Da Wonda Twinz and (Solitude N Spoonin U) produced and arranged by James "The Chameleon" White III.

Nichelle's vocal capacity to belt out a heavy dose of authority for those fat and driving power chords and then take it down a few notches to offer some class and sensitivity to his approach and style gives the band a broad paintbrush musically. Here is an album that rocks the soul, and deals with the economic pressures we face in today's living and uplifts the spirit within the listener. This is the LP that is totally contagious, with lots of mass appeal and the one you always crave after the first listen. This is the genius of Gary's Nichelle Colvin.

Available now on i-tunes,amazon,and rhapsody.


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