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Apr 21, 2018:Happy #RecordStoreDay
Apr 21, 2018:@fsoulman58 Done ! @Dropbox link sent!
Apr 21, 2018:RT @fsoulman58: Superb proper from 9 am today on @msconnoisseurs . Come and join our soul family. Facebook thread on my page
Apr 21, 2018:@fsoulman58 Check your email love and thank for your support!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
Apr 21, 2018:RT @Tempoofthedown: Nichelle Colvin "What He Does To Me" Please tune in and tell a friend!

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Welcome to the Official Home of Billboard Award Winner Nichelle Colvin.

Nichelle - is a Sultry, Powerful, Emotional, Jazzy Songstress, from Gary, Indiana, tossed into a blend of R&B,Gospel, Hip-Hop and Soul ...what a tasteful stew of talent!!!

Here you will find all of Nichelle's upcoming events, projects and news!