Album Cover
Relations 1 (with autograph)
Nichelle Colvin
Released: May 29, 1999
Label: SSGM Records, llc
Track Listing
1 Interlude I
2 Show Some Attention
3 Lay Me Down
4 You Must Give Way
5 For the Love of You
6 Language of Love
7 Interlude II
8 Inner Pain
9 For Love
10 Picture That
11 Do You Make Noise
12 Interlude III
13 For the Love of You Remix

Liner Notes

Relations 1, Nichelle Colvin's first album now available online for the first time. These timeless tunes were written by Nichelle Colvin and produced by James "The Chameleon" White III.  Tom "Blu" Ward, extrodary guitarist, mixed all of these songs at Blue Star Recording Studios in Gary, Indiana.  This Album got Nichelle her first licensing deal with Street Culture Records in the UK.


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