Album Cover
Nichelle Colvin
Released: Feb 22, 2015
Label: SSGM Records, llc
Track Listing
1 Short & Brief
2 Touch Interlude
3 Touch Me Right (Remix) ft. WiseGuy Pugg
4 House Interlude
5 On the way to my House ft. WiseGuy Pugg
6 Stress Interlude
7 Relieve her Stress ft. Decagon AKA Gon
8 Insecure ft. Decagon AKA Gon
9 What he does to me
10 Straddlin You
11 Self Examination
12 Silent Treatment
13 What We Gone Do
14 Evolving-RLM
15 Gettin Closa
16 Dawned on You

Liner Notes

Evolving is an excellent follow up Album from Nichelle Colvin latest album, Soulfully Yours, Nichelle. Nichelle does not disappoint in her 4th Album Evolvin-RLM (Real Life Music). This sexy, soulful artist continues on her path to feed her audience real R&B soul with no reservations. Evolving is saturated with stories of love and tasteful lust in the true Nichelle style.

Adult contemporary fans alike in multiple demographics are sure to be satisfied of mature taste. Nichelle has hit upon a missed sound and yet new sound, brought in this era of voice boxes and no creativity. She is very honest in her approach to her songs as well as unafraid to try new school beats and sounds.

Nichelle has teamed up with a very talented producer by the name of "William “Slick” Brown and Darnell 'Drumatik' Brown from “So Fo Real Productions”. Slick and Drumatik's new and fresh sound of R&B & Soul has only accented Nichelle’s diverse sound and attitude. The Evolving Album is in the “Sounds Like” category of Jill Scott, Angie Stone, Phyllis Hyman and category of it’s own.

Nichelle has also stayed with Aaron (The Titan) Bradley who produced most of the tracks off of her Soulfully Yours, Nichelle Album. Aaron produced a Bonus track for fans “Silent Treatment Remix” which is a refreshing mix of R&B.

Presently the single from this album "Touch Me Right" is being pushed to jump start this soulful Album, with special Remix ft. Wiseguy Pugg. The rest of the album is being mixed by Grammy Award Mixer, Craig Bauer, at Hinge Studios in Chicago, Grammy Award Mixer Matt Hennesy, at VSOP Studios in Chicago, Grammy Award Mixer, Christopher B. Steinmetz, at Stonecutter Studios in Chicago, Grammy Award Mixer Ken Lewis and John Kowalik at 35th Street Studios in Chicago.


First Listen: Nichelle Colvin asks “What We Gone Do?”
Soul Tracks
Gary, Indiana native Nichelle Colvin describes herself as a storyteller, and she brings that gift to her music – with emotions ranging from love to hurt to ecstasy to anger. [Read More...]
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